Winter Meeting Highlights, Summer Meeting Plans

It was another sold-out event on March 2–3, when members of the Carolinas 7X24 chapter gathered in Durham, NC, for the 2016 winter meeting. Dr. Suku Nair, professor and chair of Southern Methodist University’s computer science and engineering department, delivered a keynote address on cyber security program management for data centers. Other presentations covered Fidelity’s data center consolidation, Clemson University’s high-performance computing, and alternate battery technologies. A special luncheon for Women in Mission Critical Operations brought together those hoping to recruit new members into this group and elevate the committee to a national level. As always, the networking event was a big hit that offered participants the chance to meet other critical power professionals. The photos here show some of the highlights of the meeting. For complete coverage of the summer meeting as well as PDF downloads of the event presentations, click here.

The 2016 summer meeting is slated for August 12 in Charleston, SC. Attendance at chapter meetings is limited because of space constraints for the data center tour. Invitations to all events are sent out via e-mail when registration opens. Advise your company’s primary contact, who is located in the member directory, that you would like to be added to the invitation list.

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