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"After a fulfilling 10-year career in the architecture/construction field, the economic crash of 2008 prompted me to evaluate my career path moving forward.  I was ready for a new challenge so I generated a list of all of the qualities I desired in my next job. 

On a fluke, I happened to stumble upon the mission critical industry. A former colleague randomly posted a comment on Facebook mentioning an opening at her company, and that she loved where she worked. Curious to hear where she worked now, I contacted her simply to catch up.  Two days later I was interviewing with her employer, Primary Integration. This connection was my introduction to the mission critical industry and I quickly realized that this firm met all the criteria for this next phase of my career.  I was excited to be:

·       In a cutting-edge industry that makes headlines on a regular basis

·       Working with global Fortune 500 clients

·       Part of a well-respected team of innovators

·       Providing service solutions strongly needed in society

My background in the architecture & construction industry gave me the experience and skills to easily transition to an engineering firm focused on work within data centers.  The procurement process is the same, as well as much of the design and construction process. My rolodex was still relevant as many of the firms I had partnered with in the past, unbeknownst to me, were also working within the mission critical industry. 

Primary Integration is a commissioning firm responsible for validating the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and control systems that support mission critical environments (mainly data centers) to ensure that the critical load is always protected and that new or existing facilities operate at peak performance. Our team of commissioning engineers perform full evaluations of the electrical and mechanical systems including communications, interoperability, component working conditions, occupant and managerial requirements and other parameters to confirm whether critical infrastructure systems are designed and subsequently installed properly and maintained successfully over time.

The mission critical industry continues to expand and as much of the existing workforce is moving into their retirement years, there are increasing opportunities for young women and men to share their talents.  I feel very fortunate to have discovered this industry early on in my career. With the growing demand for storing, protecting and accessing data, commissioning will be in high demand for many years to come."

Jocelyn Yard, LEED

Primary Integration Solutions, Inc.

Jocelyn Yard

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